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Fresh material for sharpenable pen package without"S"- Styrene.


Some traditional material such as ABS,PS which have styrene got challenges in the line of cosmetic package ,2025 is a dead line according some news .

New materials are needed in this line.Zeny as a professional manufacturer of cosmetic pen package also keep working on this to provide more safty ,more friendly to human and environment.

Plastic sharpened pen is warmly welcomed as a subsititute for wooden pencil, normally used as a eyeliner,lipliner /lipstick pen ,size at 7.7mm and 11.7mm .A fresh material for sharpened pen is launched today to instead of traditional mateiral such as PVC forming /modified PS which also easy to sharpened and friendly to user,more information or need sample you can connect with us at marketing1@nb-zeny.com .

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