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How to apply eyeliner


Eye makeup plays a big role in a person's overall makeup. For a beginner, how to apply eyeliner? Let’s learn about these painting methods together.

1. How to draw inner eyeliner

Gently lift the upper eyelids with your fingers or a makeup brush, and use eyeliner to fill in the empty space inside the eyelashes. It is recommended to use eyeliner gel pen or eyeliner to draw inner eyeliner. When applying eye makeup, you must draw inner eyeliner, and you must learn the basic skills of eyeliner.

2. How to draw eyeliner at the corners of the eyes

Use your fingers to push the inner corners of your eyes outward to help draw the corners of your eyes accurately. Just draw a thin eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lower eyelid. The drawing method of opening the corners of the eyes can not only have the effect of opening the eyes, but also shorten the distance between the two eyes.

3. How to draw drooping eyeliner

Along the root of the eyelashes, first draw an outer eyeliner. Starting from the position above the pupil, start to make it slightly thicker, and extend the end of the eye downward a little, paying attention to controlling the length. The eyes drawn with the drooping method will be rounder and look innocent.

4. How to draw eyeliner naturally

After drawing the inner eyeliner, drag a thin eyeliner from the end of the eye, and place it parallel to the head of the eye. This kind of painting method is not picky and gives people a natural, refreshing and clean feeling. It is also the most daily painting method.

5. How to enlarge and lengthen the eyeliner

Now, on the basis of the natural eyeliner drawing method, thicken the second half of the eyeliner, start from the end of the eye, and then draw the head of the eye. This method is relatively simple and easy to operate.

Then draw from the eyes to the head of the eyes, gradually becoming thinner, and finally filling the gaps. From the top of the pupil to the end of the eye, thickening will have the effect of enlarging the eyes, making them look capable and energetic.

Empty Eyeliner Pen

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