Why use a lip liner


If your lips are thin and uneven, then a lip liner can fill your lips more than a lipstick. Fill the entire lip with a lip liner and make it even more evenly filled. This is the effect that lipstick can't achieve.

If you prefer to use a moisturizing and shiny lipstick, then you should know that moisturizing lipstick is more likely to fade than matte lipstick. If you want to moisturize your lipstick for a longer time, use lighter color before applying lipstick. The lip liner is the best for lasting results.

Let the lipstick keep the secret of the whole night, we will tell you now why the brand will introduce the same color lip liner and lipstick, just to make your lip color last longer, the waxy lip liner will be played on the lips first. The bottom, then apply the same color lipstick, the texture of the wax combined with the lipstick to make the lip color last for a long time.