Which is the Best Eyeliner Pencil For You


Any woman who wants to make her eyes look bigger, more bold, or just want your eyes to stand out, eyeliner is essential. With today's broad eyeliner on the market, the decision-making process can be tricky. But first, what eyeliner is the best? From pencil to liquid to gel, there really is a lot to choose from.

Eyeliner is the perfect choice for creating a soft look, but they have the potential to create a perfect avant-garde style. The pencil is best suited for under the eyelashes and waterline, which is something that liquid or gel lining should not use. The pencil is creamy and slippery, effortlessly, really keep it down and will not sprout until you are ready to remove it. Suitable for long lasting wet and humid climates.

The liquid eyeliner is absolutely necessary to create a dramatic but elegant look that many women want to achieve. If they do not have their elegant dark circles, how can they confuse us? The best liquid eyeliner is not only the bottle to attract your unique charm, but also with a magic wand - brush. The brush is designed like the final precision of the calligraphy tool, it is thin enough to fill the tiny space between your eyelashes and be smooth enough to add the perfect black liquid layer to achieve the flawless application.

The days of the terrible raccoon eyes disappeared because of the gel lining. The gel liner is an innovative alternative to traditional powder liners that slips smoothly and remains placed. While the gel liner needs to use the brush, but when you see the results of the liquid liner, but the easier l pencil like the application, you will get the lines of the hook. Gel eyeliner is the best. This cute duo as an eyeliner and a shadow, so it is noble to show the way to stop smoky eyes. Just use the shadows to arrange the entire eye and highlight it under the brow, then cover the soft black cat over the lid and finally cover the eyes with black.