Which eyeliner or liquid eyeliner works


There are many choices for eyeliner tools, anyway, as long as you draw the ideal eye makeup, it is the most important. However, among the many tools for drawing eyeliner, the beauties should have a choice based on their experience. Here are some small experiences, let’s share with you which eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better!

The most used tools for drawing eyeliner are eyeliner, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, etc. So which eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better? From personal experience, the use of eyeliner is much more convenient, after all, solids are easier to control than liquids. However, when using eyeliner, do not dip the eyeliner brush too much at a time to avoid staining the eyelids and makeup. Below we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

The first is eyeliner. The use of this product in the market has really benefited many women. Because it is a product between liquid and solid eyeliner, the texture is moderate. It will not be as rough and faint as an eyeliner, nor will it be difficult to manipulate like a liquid. It is a more delicate and moisturizing product. In addition, the color of the eyeliner is relatively neutral, the thickness of the line is easier to grasp, and the durability is strong.

Eyeliner is a very good eyeliner tool. You can use it at the very beginning, or you can use it after having some experience with eyeliner. But things have two sides. This kind of eyeliner is easier to solidify because of its thick silk texture. When choosing eyeliner, try to choose a better product.

If the eyeliner is so, the effect of the eyeliner drawn is very good. The texture is relatively good, and there is generally no faint makeup. On the basis of a certain amount of makeup, the lines drawn are very good. More suitable for makeup that emphasizes eyeliner and has a strong sense of fashion. But because it is liquid, it will be more difficult to grasp. The eyeliner drawn by the novice with liquid eyeliner is often very unnatural, the line is relatively dull, not flexible, light and smooth.

Which is better, eyeliner or liquid eyeliner? For girls who are new to make-up, eyeliner is naturally easier to use. Judging from the effect of the eyeliner drawn, liquid eyeliner is obviously better. You can also learn some other knowledge about learning makeup through the following article!

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