Which eyebrow pencil or powder is better


Although eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil are both tools for drawing eyebrows, there are also different differences in materials and workmanship. According to your eyebrows, choose which one is more suitable for you.

1. The eyebrow shape is incomplete, and the eyebrows are relatively sparse, then the eyebrow pencil is a better choice.

2. For people with complete and thick eyebrows, it is recommended to choose eyebrow powder, which can make the eyebrows softer.

Brow powder. Advantages: Eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, long-lasting color and versatile. It can obviously fill the gap between the eyebrows and help modify the shape of the eyebrows.

Disadvantages: if used improperly, it may go up a bit thick. In order to avoid this, use an ultra-fine angled eyebrow brush dipped in powder to paint. If it still looks a bit heavy, you can also use some loose powder on the eyebrows to cover it.

Brow pencil. Advantages: Convenient and fast, suitable for contouring eyebrows, drawing short feather eyebrows, and contouring eyebrow tails.

Disadvantages: Under normal circumstances, the eyebrow pencil is not easy to master. If the strength is not mastered, the drawn eyebrows will appear stiff. Can not reconcile the color, because it contains wax, it is relatively easy to take off makeup in a warm and humid environment.

To sum up, the editor here recommends novices to use eyebrow powder, but the best way to draw eyebrows is to use a combination of eyebrow pencil and powder.

Specific steps

Step 1: Use an eyebrow pencil to outline an outline, pay attention to three points and a line, try to keep the eyebrows, eyes and nose in a line, it will be more natural. Novices should not write too hard.

Step 2: After drawing the outline, use the eyebrow pencil to fill in the end of the eyebrow, and focus on it.

Step 3: Prepare three-color eyebrow powder and fill the eyebrows with the darkest color. Be careful not to draw the eyebrows. You will need to use light colors too much later.

Step 4: The last step, use the middle light color to draw on the brows, and swipe with the brush.