When choosing cosmetic packaging materials


Now, no matter what age women, they will buy some cosmetics for beauty. This will involve the selection of some packaging materials. Many people buy some inferior products because of their greed, and the result is regrettable. Skills, you can choose to be affordable.

China cosmetic packaging materials selection:

1. The bottom filling perfume bottle company introduction needs to have certain physical properties. Because the packaging is to protect the product, the packaging material must have a certain strength and elasticity, in order to adapt to certain external impact, pressure and other vibrations during transportation. Different cosmetics use different packaging materials, and the impact resistance of mirror boxes is relatively strong, so as not to crack, especially the position of the buckle, we must pay attention.

2.Isolation ability. Because cosmetics need to be used for a long time, they should include isolation of light, moisture, temperature, etc. For foundations, the requirements for isolating moisture are high. If the moisture is too much, the powder will become sticky and it is not suitable for use. Some cosmetics will change color when the light is strong. In this case, the ability to enhance light isolation is needed, so cosmetic packaging like transparent is not suitable.

3.Sealing performance. Cosmetic packaging must have a certain degree of sealing performance, after a variety of environmental changes, in order to avoid leakage and deterioration in long-term use. Like the change in temperature, a strong sense of vibration or a shock at the time of loss occurs during transportation.

4.The bottom of the perfume bottle company introduced the economic cost is low. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetic packaging materials, it is also necessary to consider the cost of materials. A variety of packaging materials for a variety of cosmetics, to select the best quality and low cost of the use of materials, while avoiding excessive packaging of cosmetics, but also to meet the quality of cosmetic packaging.