What's the difference between eyeliner ointment, eyeliner and eyeliner?


1,Eyeliner ointment has two main features, the first is the texture and strong performance, in addition to color eyeliner is obvious, almost no special texture effect, but can show pearl Eyeliner matte, metallic luster and texture of the different effects, the second is its makeup eyeliner, but also for a long time than nature. Is the most long-lasting Eyeliner products, so many professional make-up cosmetics have this eyeliner.
2, Eyeliner, is a kind of make-up products, used to deepen and highlight the make-up effect of the eye, so that the eyes look big and god. Shaped like a pencil. Remove the excess wood use a pencil sharpener or a knife, can also improve the thickness of the pen.
3, Eyeliner liquid lines rich, smooth, very suitable for the current popular eye tail, pick makeup, tail slightly higher, you can emphasize a feminine flavor. Along the arc of the outer corner of the eye, draw a slightly extended line, but the length of the increase should not exceed the width of the double eyelid, and it will appear unnatural for too long.