What's the difference between eyeliner, eye liner and eyeliner?


1. Different scope of application:
Eyeliner, suitable for depicting nude make-up makeup eyeliner, can depict natural level makeup effect, even novice is also easy to master.
Eye liner, eye liner paste is easier to use than eyeliner. It is very easy to draw, and the lines drawn are very smooth, and the effect is more natural than eyeliner.
Eyeliner, as the most durable eye liner product, has excellent waterproof effect. No matter climbing or swimming, don't worry about dizziness.

2. Different texture:
Eyeliner and eyeliner are hard core wax refills, so they are easy to describe, easy to carry and use.
Eye liner cream is moderate in texture and is between eyeliner and eye liner.
Eyeliner, liquid like, painted quickly dry, easy to rub into the eyelids.

3. Different methods of use:
Eyeliner, when using Waterproof Eyeliner, can draw the eye shadow powder with the same color line after painting the eyeliner, and gently sweep one layer on the painted eye liner, so as to prevent the eye paste from falling off, or pat the eyelids on the top of the eyelids before powder makeup. In addition, after painting the eyeliner, a little bit of the cotton swab will be swept at the end of the eye to make the eyeliner look more natural.
Eye liner, choose a suitable eyeliner brush, dip some eye liner on the eyeliner brush, and then begin to brush the eyeliner along the root of the eyelash. If you want to create a small smoky effect, you can use a cotton swab to draw the drawn line slightly when the eyeliner is not dry.
Eyeliner, the first use of eyeliner, you can choose a slightly rough tip of the product. Hard bristles are easier to help you draw natural eyeliner. Shake the bottle well before using it. When using eye liner, the technique must be steady and less dipped in some Eyeliner fluid. It is better to take several times to draw the eyelashes. The eye liner is blooming; it can also be painted again after the eyeliner to create a rich effect.