What tools and specific supplies do boys need to make up?


I personally don't think boys' make-up needs too obvious decoration. The most natural look is the most successful.
1. the whole face of the bottom: after finishing the basic maintenance, wipe the cream, and then foundation. Learn how to use a stylus to polish the outline of your face. Here are some tips for using the stylus:
According to the need, Zhidao should draw a few strokes on the dark part of the face --- the lower part of the eye, the sides of the nose, the corners of the mouth, the sunken part of the chin and the contour line, and use the fingertips to adjust. Make your outline more prominent, strengthen your facial features, and underline or brighten the middle of forehead, bridge of nose, concave part of chin and cheekbones at the T-shaped part. Make lips full and perfect, use along the outline of lips and blend with fingertips. When used in the shadow part of the eye, it can improve its brightness, gently scratch a few strokes on the eyelid, and use the fingertips to blend, capture and unify the light.
2. Eyebrow, in the case of removing all miscellaneous hairs, use eyebrow powder and eyebrow pen to trim the eyebrow according to your personal needs.
3. eye, I think we can draw a bit of brown eye shadow powder, just like painting eyeliner, do not be too thick, must be light and natural, otherwise it will look evil. Or not at all.
4. lip, often use lipstick, keep lips moist, do not need lip gloss and so on, your personal pursuit is also beautiful, is not it:
The cosmetics you need to buy are: cream, foundation, bright coloured pencils, eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, brown eye shadow and lipstick.