What should we pay attention to when choosing the color of eyebrow pencil


The following eyebrow pencil manufacturers, Eyeliner manufacturers and nail oil manufacturers to talk about the choice of eyebrow pencil should pay attention to what aspects of color?
The eyebrow pen is the foundation of women's make-up. Choosing the appropriate eyebrow pen can achieve twice the result with half the effort. When choosing the color of eyebrow pencil, we need to consider skin color, hair color and eye size, so that we can choose the eyebrow pencil that matches your good makeup.
Hair color VS eyebrow color
Eyebrow color and hair color are in a color system, the difference between shade and depth should not be too large, so that eye makeup looks more natural, assuming that the difference is too large, it is necessary to change eyebrow color.
Benefit is a useful way to change eyebrow color with brow dye cream. What we need to do is to inquire about hair color.
1. Assuming that the hair color is brown and yellow, you can choose a brown eyebrow pencil.
2. Assuming that the hair is dark, consider dark brown or gray-black eyebrow pencils.
2. Skin color VS eyebrow color
Skin color is also the reference criterion for eyebrow color selection in eye makeup. Dark skin should not choose too light to reddish eyebrows. Dark brown or gray-black eyebrows are more appropriate.
Light skin color should consider light brown or brown eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.
3. Eye size VS eyebrow color
Eye size also has a certain relationship with the choice of eyebrow color. Assuming that the eyes are bright and large, the moonlight is sharp, the eyebrow color can not be too light, suitable for bright and dark eyebrows, eyebrows can also be appropriately thick.
On the contrary, assuming that the eyes are soft or the eyes are small and the eyebrows are suitable for a weak color, the eyebrows can be thinned accordingly.