What should we pay attention to when choosing eyebrow pen


A pair of high-spirited eyebrows can make the whole person's eyes bright. Throwing eyebrows can not only deepen the stereoscopic sense of the whole person's five senses, but also make people more radiant. So what should we pay attention to in the selection of eyebrow pens? The following eyebrow manufacturers, Eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers to talk about.
At present, there are two kinds of eyebrow tools with high utilization rate: eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder. Whether it is eyebrow pen or eyebrow powder, they have clear color differences. Summarizing these cosmetic products on the market, eyebrow pen color can be roughly divided into four kinds: black, gray, light coffee, chocolate. Although the color of eyebrow pen is only a few, it can safely meet the needs of various dressers.
The color of eyebrow pen depends on the color of eyebrow. Since from the visual aesthetic point of view, a person wants to achieve a consistent aesthetic feeling, the color of eyebrow must be the same as the color of hair, if not together, then at least adjacent. And you will find that no matter what color of hair you dye, you can find the corresponding eyebrow pencil to match.
For example, if you have black hair, then black eyebrow pen and gray eyebrow pen will be more suitable for you. Because the black eyebrow pen is close to the hair color, but the color will be darker, so the use of black eyebrow pen is rare. After applying the gray eyebrow pencil, it appears black-gray, which is attributed to the color of the eyebrow, which is not strong or light, but closer to the color of the eyebrow itself.
Assuming that your hair is yellow, chocolate eyebrow pencil will be more suitable. Its color concentration is similar to that of gray eyebrow pencil, but the color is yellow. After smearing, the color of your hair is very close to each other, and there will be no feeling at all.
Of course, the current hair dyeing technology is relatively mature, some initial popular bleaching technology, bleached hair in the future, the hair is bright color, after coloring, the color is lighter, so you can dye cream, tan, walnut and other colors, these colors can be created by light coffee eyebrow pen, but the color is impossible. At this time, we need to use eye shadow to pick up the eye shadow adjacent to the hair color and cover up the eyebrows.