What should I pay attention to when choosing Eyeliner?


1, Eyeliner accessories can help us draw eyeliner, sponge brush head or brush head can repeat dizzy eye liner, it is easy to achieve smoky makeup effect.
2. If there is paint film or coating on the appearance surface of the pen holder of the movable type and the non movable type, it shall be uniform without falling off or cracking, and the mark writing of the pen holder shall be clear and easy to identify.
3, attention should be paid to the problem of makeup removal when choosing eyeliner, waterproof products can be antagonistic to sweat, but the grease excreted from the skin will still form flower makeup and makeup.
4, the thick eyeliner is easy to start, but it is very simple to deviate from the "track". The fine liner is more simple to describe details, and also more suitable for nude make-up. It is very simple for sketched eyes and eyes.
5. Don't be greedy for cheapness, because there is a large profit space for selling fake goods, which is difficult for ordinary customers to identify. Some profit-making businesses sell the real goods and fake goods together, so that they can not only obtain high profits, but also make full use of them. There are also some products with very low prices, which are several times or even dozens of times different from the counter products. They are fakes at all.