What should I do if my eyeliner is dry?


Beauty products also have a taste period. I like too many Cosmetic Pencils . Although they are all included in the bag, there is no way to be lucky. I will inevitably come across the situation like eyeliner. I can't help but feel distressed. The following small series on the way of everyone's rejuvenation, no longer afraid of the "eyeliner dry how to do" trouble, most of the way to dissolve the dissolving agent will dilute the eyeliner to a certain extent, the effect is not as good as before The method of how to do the eyeliner solution that we introduced is to solve the problem of heat dissolution. This damage is not so big.

Method / Step:

1. What should I do if the eyeliner is dry? The eyeliner is well controlled to achieve a good eye makeup effect, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to dry out. It is a pity that the eyeliner is dry and thrown away. The following is the eyeliner. What to do if you do.

2. eyeliner is relatively easy to dry, some mm feel dry, add some eye drops or lotion to the inside. Because the eyeliner is dry, so put the eyeliner brush on the water, get wet, then take the cotton pad to absorb the water, and then draw the eyeliner, so that it is very good to makeup ~ girls can try it! If not, then consider Add lotion or eye drops to the eyeliner, don't add alcohol!

What do you do with the eyeliner?
3. in fact, Xiaobian also often encounters a few bottles of eyeliner how to do it, in fact, no matter what brand you buy, as long as the time has passed 3 to 4 months or so will dry, so as long as the use of contact When it comes to the air, and its own moisture and oil volatilizes, it will dry out. But if it is only 3 to 4 months after it has been dried, it will be very wasteful. So Xiaobian is here to teach everyone that I am How to remedy the method of getting rid of eyeliner.