What is the use of liquid eye-liner and Eyeliner


Liquid eye-liner and eyeliner which is easy to use is many female friends want to know, because of the beautiful Eyeliner will make our eyes look very elegant and charming deep, the eyes of the essential elements, so in the end, both the better?
Liquid eye-liner, many beginners feel good to use, often shunned, in fact, because you are not fully understood, type of eyeliner, generally speaking, eyeliner with soft and hard head head two, soft head difficult to grasp, not suitable for beginners, therefore, the best choice for hard Eyeliner the first to use.
The eyeliner looks very low, but the eyeliner is easy to be bald, and the color is not deep and the lines are thicker. It is more suitable for situations where the eye is not too delicate or to be used to halo the eye line.
Therefore, it is suggested that a novice can buy an eyeliner and an eye liner. When you get your hands, you can see which one is better for you when you use your hands, which is the most practical and feasible way.
When buying liquid eye-linerand eye liner, we must pay attention to buying waterproof and anti halo dyes, otherwise it will be easy to spend, causing some problems on makeup and become panda eyes.
Eye liner is not very recommended for beginners to buy. It's hard to get started. It needs many exercises. And the eyeliner is also suitable for drawing some thick eyeliner, or stage costume.