What is the use of Eyeliner?


The following eyebrow manufacturers, Eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers to talk about the use of Eyeliner skills?
1. Sketching
When learning to draw Eyeliner just now, the technique must not be too heavy, but rather choose the method of light tracing, because it can avoid too much weight in the eyeliner painting, dissatisfied with the light drawing, and still can continue to change. If the picture is heavy, it will not be necessary.
2. Divided into three-stage painting
If you can not master the length of the eyeliner, you can not guarantee that you are in step, then you can divide the eyeliner into three segments, draw it step by step, so that you can adjust it in time.
3. After the eyeliner is finished, it can sprinkle a little powder.
Loose powder is mainly the effect of setting makeup. If you are worried that the eyeliner simply takes off makeup, you can use a little powder to fix the makeup after you finish the eyeliner, so that it will not be blooming easily, and it will last longer.