What is the season for lipstick and lip gloss


In the texture, lipstick and lip gloss are more sticky makeup, especially lip gloss, thicker and harder than lipstick. What kind of makeup is this season suitable for? In order to prevent dry and peeling of the skin of the lips, MM should have a detailed understanding of the range of use of lipstick and lip gloss.

Next, the Manet Encyclopedia will give you a "science" to see what season they are suitable for!

In general, the use of lipstick and lip gloss is not seasonal, meaning that lipstick and lip gloss are available throughout the year. But we can distinguish between the lipstick and the lip gloss to distinguish which season is more suitable.

The lipstick is thick and sticky, and it has a greasy feel on the mouth. It is suitable for the dry autumn season. The lip gloss texture is too hard, so MM can choose a thin and light style when using lip gloss in spring and summer, and use lip balm on the lips to make a base in autumn and winter.

The role of lipstick and lip gloss is to moisturize, one is to color, MM should also be considered according to the different occasions and the dry and wet conditions of the lips skin.