What is the other end of the eyebrow pencil for


What is the other end of the eyebrow
Some eyebrows have brushes on the other end, most of them are made of nylon or rayon, and the other is a hard brush. Eyebrows can be swept neatly before eyebrow repair and eyebrow repair. After the eyebrow, the eyebrow can be brushed in the direction of eyebrow, which can make eyebrow color natural and eyebrow shape neat. Some eyebrow pens are eyebrow powder on the other end, which fills the eyebrow shape just drawn.
Which is more natural with eyebrow powder and eyebrow pen
Eyebrow powder is more natural. Eyebrow powder has one advantage. It is that the eyebrow it creates is very natural, and the color is also very durable. The color is not as monotonous as eyebrow pen. It can be reconciled according to personal makeup or preference. It is very easy to operate and can create different makeup. However, if it is too heavy, it is easy to make the eyebrow look very thick and heavy 。
The difference between eyebrow pencil and Eyeliner Pen
1. Eyeliner Pen is used to deepen and highlight the make-up effect of the eye. It makes the eyes look big and divine. The appearance is similar to that of the pencil. The better eye liner Bibi core is soft. When it is painted, it will not hurt the skin, the color is saturated, and the color will not be lumped or uneven.
The eyebrow pencil of the 2. eyebrow pencil is thicker and harder than the Eyeliner Pen. If it is used in the eyelid part, it will do some harm to the eyes.