What is the best picture of the inner eyeliner


For every girl, makeup is almost everything that everyone can do. If you are a double girl, do you know how the inner eyeliner is best to see? If you are in the eyes of their troubles to the line was double with a shining electric eye is actually not that difficult.
Many girls are more concerned about the make-up of knowledge, recently someone mentioned in the eye how to draw the best looking problem? Many people think that in the eyes of line is not possible to change the United States, you are completely mistaken, as long as you know how to draw the best way to see the eye, in fact very attractive magic eye simple.
Let the perfect look at the eyes of the inner double before the make-up. The inner double person, because the thickness of the double eyelid is very thin, the result of the overlap between the blink of the eye and the upper eyelid, often let the already painted eye line dizzy. So every time you blink, you see the eye line that is as dizzy as a ink painting. In this case you may be angry: God! How do I do this! But as long as you control the amount of oil, the situation is completely avoidable!
1 .First Eyeshadow primer, this action is to carefully control the oil from the roots of eyelashes, eyelids and eyes covered, because once the trip, will be more easy to open halo makeup. The usual amount of oil less, as long as the use of bedding products can be, but out of the oil more please use puff point honey powder, near the press, really well primed work.
2 .Slightly hold the upper eyelid, see the inner eyelid and take a bit of eye glue to paint it, depict the eyeliner. If you paint your eyelashes like a double eyelid, you must be dizzy and you must avoid it. There is no overlap between the upper eyelids and the end of the eye.
3. Lower eyelids powder lips, starting from the end of the eye, naturally depicted in the middle of the eye. Because the eye line is very fine, it is necessary to draw the eye line to look like a God.
4 .Do not have to worry about the dyed inner double binocular line is completed, is there a moment of power to be full of the feeling?