What do you know about choosing an eyeliner


The way to stay beautiful is to use this pen, which has been used all over the world, and there are many forms. In order to let you highlight your own characteristics, we need to pay attention to some small details when choosing, so that we can be more attractive.

Eyeliner selection:

1. Makeup pen company introduces many different types of eyeliner, in the form of pencils, each with different consistency and texture. Pink pencils sometimes have a stronger color. They are a good choice if you want to make the eyeliner a "smoky makeup" effect.Gel pens offer simple, excellent application creams, these will have a rich and intense color, which is a good choice if you want to have a wing, or cat's eyes, you can buy.

Liquid eyeliner provides dramatic and intense applications. Many liquid eyeliner forms are more interesting, making the application quite simple. Tips range from very thin to thick depending on what you want or if you want to apply a cat's eye or wing.

2. Consider the eyeliner formula. Most companies offer different needs, including sensitive eye and organic eyeliner formulations, and people-friendly products. Some include stretching your eyelashes and even providing formulas. If your eyes are sensitive, because you wear contact lenses, or if you have an allergic reaction, including an eyeliner.

3.The makeup pen tube company introduced the choice of eyeliner color. Pencil eyeliners come in a wide range of colors, from blue to emerald, to black and brown. A good experience is to use shades such as black, dark brown, deep purple or gray if you want to look more natural. You can strengthen or soften these colors. Unusual colors such as blue, orange, or green will really not fit your eyes and eyelids, so use them to pay attention to non-professional situations.