What do you do when your eyeliner is dry?


How do you do the Eyeliner Pen to make the cosmetics more moist?
It is believed that most people know that such cosmetics as eyeliner, in fact, many men will use eyeliner in their daily life, because eyeliner can make our eyes look better, and eyeliner can also help us to change our eyes to a certain extent, so that our overall image looks better. People who use eyeliner can easily find that eyeliner is easier to dry. This is mainly for some eyeliner and eyeliner.
Many people lose their eyes when they find their Eyeliner dries up. In fact, this is a very wasteful behavior. After the eyeliner is dry, we can take corresponding measures to make it more moist. And eyeliner drying is also a very natural phenomenon, which does not mean that the quality of the product is problematic. When the eyeliner is dry, we can take the following measures to make the eyeliner moisten.
1. Alcohol
Alcohol is a very common medical product, because alcohol can be used for disinfection, so many families will prepare alcohol at home. In fact, alcohol can also be used to make the eyeliner more moist, because alcohol itself has the effect of disinfection, so the use of alcohol will not cause harm to our eyes.
The use of alcohol to moisturize the eyeliner is very simple. First, we need to prepare a bottle of alcohol, then use a toothpick or cotton swab to dip a portion of the alcohol into the eyeliner, then shake it vigorously and stir it evenly. After mixing evenly, the eyeliner will become more moist and the color will be very good. But we need to pay attention when we drip alcohol. Do not drop too much at one time. Otherwise, it will make the Eyeliner Pen more moist and difficult to color.

2. Essential oil
Essential oil is a product that many girls will prepare, because the use of essential oil is very big, it can help us to make our skin more moist and tight, and also can help us to relieve the fatigue of the body, so essential oil is a very good product. In fact, essential oils can also be used in the Eyeliner Pen, because the essential oils are highly moisturizing and are also very protective products, so they will not stimulate our skin.
3. Eye drops
Because Eyeliner needs to be used very close to the eyeball, so when we make the eyeliner moisten, we must use more secure products, so that it will not bring irritation and injury to their eyes. After the eyeliner is dried, we can drop eyedrops in the Eyeliner Pen, which will make the eyeliner more moisturizing and not irritation to our eyelids.
Most of the eyeliner has a certain oil content, and eye drops belong to the texture of water, which will be difficult to integrate into Eyeliner at this time. Therefore, when we add eye drops, we need to shake the eyeliner vigorously, so that eye drops and eyeliner fluid can better blend together.
4. Soaking in hot water
There is a quick way to deal with the eyeliner after drying. That is to directly connect the cup to a glass of hot water, then put the eyeliner into the cup, and moisten the eyeliner with the temperature of the hot water. When using this method, we need to pay attention to a problem. When you put your eyeliner in a cup at home, you must pay attention to the sealing work, because if hot water enters the eyeliner, it will easily destroy an eyeliner, so that the eyeliner can not be used.