What do cosmetic packaging design mainly do?


Like any kind of goods, cosmetics need to rely on packaging to achieve the final sale, and it is an extremely dependent on packaging goods. It is not only because of the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients that it needs to protect the safety and stability of the product, but also because cosmetics itself is a special commodity carrying people's desire to beautify themselves.
In order to achieve a successful design effect, we need to systematically and methodically design cosmetics packaging.
Brand positioning is to establish its own market position or consumer's psychological position according to the target market demand and the target consumer's psychological demand, so as to determine a distinctive proposition for the brand, which should have a huge attraction to the target consumer and establish a unique market position.
In the process of establishing this position, there needs to be a carrier to speak for the brand. As the image representative of the brand, packaging design can enable consumers to identify the value concept and product quality of the brand through visual channels. After defining the brand positioning, packaging design can be targeted, can serve the brand more effectively, and become a meaningful design.

Packaging design itself is a subject based on brand and culture, which requires designers not only to pursue the temporary benefits brought by creativity and fashion, but also to accurately grasp the brand positioning, so that packaging design can be transformed into an important way to establish brand connotation and create lasting brand value.
Cosmetics are of unprecedented variety, and consumers have more and more choices. As an enterprise, it is necessary to classify and design the product packaging through the efficacy and ingredients of the product, so as to facilitate consumers' recognition and purchase of cosmetics. In the product packaging classification design, mainly through the packaging shape, color, bottle paste and other elements of the change in a regular design. Generally, the packaging design of series products can adopt the following combinations:
① Same container shape, different container color. The cosmetics with similar efficacy but different use time can be used for this design. For example, for the same series of early frost and late frost, two different container colors are often used to distinguish the concept of time.
② Same container shape and color. Bottle stickers of the same design style, but one or several design elements on the bottle stickers are changed and implemented. This design scheme is usually used for series cosmetics with the same function but different ingredients. For example, for cosmetics of the same fruit series, because they all use fruit formula, containers of the same design style are used, but fruit formula is divided into pomegranate, lemon, tomato and other formulas, so corresponding fruit patterns can be drawn on bottle stickers to distinguish them.
③ Container with complementary shape. Most of the products that carry out this design plan are products with supporting functions. For example: the same series of shampoo and conditioner, in order to reflect the unity of the two, and suggest that consumers should use them in sets to increase sales, usually the packaging of the two will be designed as a whole, combined into a new overall shape.
In a word, according to the different classification of cosmetics series, adopting corresponding design methods will provide consumers with a more effective, intuitive and convenient guiding consumption, which will benefit both enterprises and consumers.
① Design of container appearance. According to the change degree of the container's surface, we can divide it into simple and bright type, moderate change type and complex decoration type. The simple and bright container usually adopts the combination of plane and curved surface, and the surface of the container has no relief effect, so the forming process of the container is relatively simple. This type of container has a large proportion in the cosmetics market because of its simple process and simple appearance.
There are also some cosmetic containers with relatively simple shapes, but the surface of the container will be slightly decorated, for example, there will be slight cutting and undulation changes on the container, some relief decorations will be made on the surface of the container, or some accessories will be inlaid to better interpret the product quality.

There are also some cosmetics in the design of the container more complex form, decorative effect is thick, more symbolic. Although the cosmetic container's modeling methods vary greatly, the positioning characteristics and attributes of the product, the complexity of the container process and the satisfaction of the human body engineering when the consumer uses the product need to be considered comprehensively in the specific design, so as to obtain the beautiful and practical design.
② Color design of container.
Product positioning. The correct use of a cosmetic packaging color can produce a variety of impressions, such as cute, mature, enthusiastic, sexy, stable, fresh and powerful. Clear product positioning, make the right color choice, so as to produce the expected psychological effect in the hearts of consumers.
Selection of container materials and use of printing technology. This is due to technical considerations. Different materials have different degrees of color realization. For example, plastic materials are not only easy to form, but also can present any color, and can make pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, transparent and other effects. For example, when printing glass bottles with high temperature ink, it is not easy to decolor, and the color is relatively dull, while when printing with low temperature ink, the color is relatively bright. Therefore, the color selection of containers should not only consider the visual experience but also consider the feasibility of technology.
③ Container surface decoration design. There are usually two ways to decorate the container surface: texture and pattern. Texture usually covers the whole surface of the container. Texture can also be composed of text, which not only decorates the product itself, but also strengthens the brand. The pattern will appear in the part of the container selectively, and pay more attention to the composition effect. There are many forms of expression of patterns, which can be lines full of formal beauty. Such lines are usually soft and beautiful, and appear with words. Patterns can also be personalized and stylish graffiti forms. Patterns can also be in the form of color blocks. The shape of color blocks can be regular or arbitrary, which is closely related to the product quality expressed by the product.
④ Bottle stick design. Bottle stickers are often used in plastic, metal and glass bottles, but rarely in paper packaging. The design of bottle stickers is similar to the surface decoration design of containers. They will arrange some texture, pattern, image and other elements, but the most important point of bottle stickers is the communication of brand and product information. Because the bottle stickers carry the text content, so the design of bottle stickers pays more attention to the typesetting effect.
Cosmetic packaging design is an orderly and systematic process. The definition of brand positioning and the demand of brand concept should be the design premise that designers should first grasp. When carrying out the specific in-depth design, we should fully think and refine the container shape, color, surface decoration, bottle paste and other elements, and finally achieve the perfect packaging design.


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