What cosmetics do you need for naked makeup


Nude makeup is the requirement of testing skin's youthful health. It is the key to make nude makeup look good, to make nude makeup more three-dimensional, and to make skin look smooth and shiny. So on the question of which cosmetics are needed for naked makeup, the key is to choose the right cosmetics.
Nude makeup can make the skin appear as natural and flawless beauty, completely overturning the previous makeup to give people the impression of thick and "mask", become fashionable beauty doubly favorite of the new fashion makeup. Clear and natural nude make-up is suitable for any crowd. It is especially suitable for women with good skin texture.
One of the cosmetics needed for nude makeup: base makeup. Summer is easy to sweat and oil, in order to make up more durable and natural, a suitable base makeup is very important. It can make it easier to put on makeup, and at the same time, it can make the effect of makeup more lasting. Choose soft and refreshing products to help balance skin color and brighten skin.

What cosmetics do you need for nude makeup? BB Cream. In order to make your naked makeup natural and clear skin effect, BB cream is also necessary for naked makeup. BB cream is mainly used in concealer, pore and color adjustment. It can quickly improve and make up for the shortcomings of the skin and make your face skin tender and slippery. How to choose BB cream? From its efficacy, skin color and skin quality to screen.

What cosmetics do you need for nude makeup? In addition to helping to shape your face, cosmetic powder is also an important magic weapon to make your naked makeup delicate and three-dimensional. Proper selection of cosmetic powder with a little sparkling effect can make your skin feel more glossy, and at the same time make your makeup emit a natural and healthy smell.
Four of what cosmetics are needed for naked Makeup: pale eye shadow lipstick. Naked makeup is not without make-up. In addition to clear base makeup, it is also necessary to add appropriate color to eye makeup and lips. Light color is the source of nude makeup color. To add a light color to the eyes, only one layer of pink and tender color is enough for the lips. Finally, use the curly Thickening Mascara to gently wipe the eyelashes, and the fresh sense of naked makeup is completed.