What can eyebrow pencil be used as eyeliner?


Can eyebrow pencil be used as an eyeliner? Do you have any doubts about this topic? It seems impossible, but why, you can't express it clearly. Is that ok? Will there be any bad consequences? Many mm estimates are also some uncertain, Wuhan make-up school in here to give you a clear answer, let you no longer worry about this problem, but also avoid in life because of unclear understanding and some unnecessary trouble.

Eyebrow pencil should not be used as an eyeliner. This is for sure. The reasons are as follows: first, eyebrow pencil is much more difficult than Eyeliner Pen, and the effect of eyebrow pencil is not as easy as that of eyeliner. The skin of the eyelids is very delicate and weak, so we usually do not use some rigid tools to draw eyeliner or dizzy eye shadow. And the color of eyebrow pencil usually has some impurities. If eyebrow pencil is often replaced by eyebrow pencil, the wrinkles in the eyes will grow out obviously.
Secondly, the skin of the eye is also prone to grease. The eyeliner used by everyone is specially designed according to the condition of the eyes. Generally, it contains oil proof properties. The eyebrow pencil belongs to the nature of hard powder. It is easier to take off makeup than that of the eyebrow pencil, and the lines of the eyebrow pencil are hard and the color is uneven. So can eyebrow pencil be used as an eyeliner? The answer is clearly no. Some people say that if there is no eyeliner, it is not unreasonable to replace eyebrow pencil. But we should not even make such a "no ground for blame" even if we do not draw eyeliner.

Even if the pencil is hard head, it is still softer than the eyebrow pencil. Even if you use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, you should pay attention to the intensity of the pen and the way of using the eyeliner, so that the color and color fluency of the eyeliner can be better reflected. You can also learn more about the problem of eye liner drawing through the following articles to help you get better at drawing your eyeliner.
1, can you draw Eyeliner during pregnancy? What is the reason? Generally speaking, the makeup artist of Wuhan makeup school does not recommend "quasi mothers" to learn makeup painting Eyeliner during this period. Because many cosmetic products contain some irritant ingredients will have an impact on the body, if the use of inferior cosmetic products, then its harm is greater.
2, what is suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner, eyeliner is the first choice: painting eyeliner is the necessary step in the makeup process. We see the eyeliner of MM in the street, do you feel particularly in place? Using eyeliner, eye liner and eyeliner can draw the perfect liner, but at the very beginning, your hands will not be as flexible as you think.