What about eyeliner and halo makeup?


What about eyeliner and halo makeup? Eyeliner, strokes, Eyeliner will inevitably halo makeup, learning the following four tips to prevent eyeliner, halo makeup bar!
Fixed makeup, eyeliner, halo makeup
In the painting eyes or eyeliner before puff dip pressed powder or loose powder, makeup carefully in the eye. And, in the painting in the eye liner position, the root of the eyelashes should also press loose powder. Fixed makeup work done in place, eyeliner is not easy to halo makeup!
Add eye shadow, eyeliner, halo makeup
Eyeliner good eye liner, with eyeliner brush stained with the same color, eye shadow superimposed on the eye liner, so that not only can blur the edge of the eyeliner, but also allows Eyeliner more lasting, not dizzy makeup!
Eye improvement, eyeliner, halo makeup
Compared to loose powder, powder set makeup effect, eye cream oil control effect will be better. In the painting eyes before coated with a thin layer of Eyeshadow primer, this eyeliner is not afraid of blooming!
Change eyeliner, improve eyeliner, halo makeup
Many of the girls new painting eyeliner, will choose eyeliner, but eyeliner is the most eye liner products in the most vulnerable to makeup. So I suggest you use eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner, worry about painting bad, you can try Eyeliner Gel Pen .https://www.cosmeticpenpackaging.com/