Use of each pen in the cosmetic pen set


Eyebrow pencil
Generally speaking, before using the eyebrow pen to draw the eyebrow shape, if time and conditions permit, you can use the eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrow first. Then use the dark brown eyebrow pen, pull from the eyebrow to the tip of the eyebrow, you can have some back and forth in the eyebrow part, but you must pay attention to the gentle technique, not too obvious. Then use the eyebrow brush to brush along the brow line, fade the outline lines, and make the brow look more natural and soft. Finally, brush the key parts of eyebrows with eyelash brush.
Lip Liner
It's not every time you put lipstick on. For most of the lip gloss, especially the paste formula, it is more natural without lip pencil. More and more women begin to use lip brush, because the lip shape painted with lip brush is more natural and plump.
For many people, the most difficult part of a cosmetic pencil is eyeliner. First of all, of course, because the use of eyeliner is very close to the eyes, it often makes people not dare to start. Secondly, because of the different eyes (single eyelids and double eyelids), the skills of using Eyeliner will be quite different. Especially for single eyed eyebrows, if you can use eyeliner correctly, you can not only enhance the beauty of the eyes, but also give your eyes a unique charm.