To create a perfect eye makeup


First, eyeliner blooming problem cotton swab can solve
Eyes wiping the oil does not get up Eyeliner is eyeliner rookie heart is good, because it is really good color, but in any case can not get rid of halo makeup troubled. We as long as the finished eyeliner, with a cotton swab along the roots of the eyelashes homeopathic dipped down, you can greatly extend the eyeliner with makeup time, edit their own try it, really amazing.
Second, eyeliner cream dipped in color should first look back makeup
Eyeliner with eyeliner brush Eyeliner always with an eyeliner brush, and eyeliner brush in the end when dipped in the end of the number of eyeliner will be easy in the eyelids color is a problem. Many girls are dipped little by little, back and forth in the eyeliner painted, an inattentive on a deep shallow, a thin penny. Makeup artist told us that you can boldly dipped in the color, and then in the back of the tiger's mouth at the color dip even until the tip of the tip are wrapped in a uniform color so far, so that at least half of the eyes can be painted eyeliner, color will be very uniform The
Third, turn around and do not turn the eye line more fluid fluid
The direction of the eyeliner to extend the direction of the eyeliner is too soft, breath breath is still easy to draw out, makeup artist told us, in fact, can not move the eyeliner and move our head to grasp the uniformity of eyeliner The The palm of your hand in the cheek cheekbones part, in the eyes of the pen, the palm of a hand to maintain the same strength to the palm of your hand and face contact point as the axis, the direction of rotation to the eyeliner elongation, must be slow and light, so easier to draw smooth lines.