There are several types of eyeliner


Eyeliner pens can be divided into a variety of types, including liquid type, pen type, powder type on the brush, universal make up pencil type, and near prevailing degree.

Liquid eyeliner

Can draw fine and obvious eyeliner. Eyes that are not obvious to the double eyelids will not be opened at will and simply sketched. Beginners need to be skilled, and they need to be able to use a pencil to make a draft at a time, so as to avoid losing their hands.

Pencil type eyeliner

The type of simple beginners to get started. Although it is very simple, there are many waterproof products in the market. Applying eye shadow to the eyeliner of the pencil can prevent the opening phenomenon more or less.

Cream type eyeliner

Compare the pencil-type eyeliner with less opening and simpler conditioning. However, it is a little troublesome to use another brush to change it. In the case of no double eyelids, eye shadows are not required to be rated, and eye makeup can be easily planned.

Pen type eyeliner

Mixed with black toner, low viscosity, spread thin and natural. Can interpret the obvious double eyes.

Powder eye shadow

No need to buy eyeliner powder, you can directly replace the dark series of eyeshadows such as brown. It is suitable for delineating the natural eyeliner, and the eyeliner is slightly thicker and can be easily smoked.