How to choose the color of Eyeliner Pen


What about big eyes? It's gone! They all blame themselves for choosing the wrong color of eyeliner, so that their eyes look more swollen. How many girls have been so amazing? Oh, no, it's experience! Therefore, after choosing the eyeliner brand, choosing an eye liner color suitable for your eyes is also very important.

How do you choose the color of eyeliner to make your eyes look watery?
No.1 daily makeup
Normally, a low-key girl paper or all match, usually black and brown, is the color chosen by most people. But black pays more attention to build mature makeup and heavy makeup! In addition, like brown, Brown can be used to create a small smoky makeup, temperament leverage drop.

No.2 party makeup
At this point, you should create a color + God's eyes. You may try purple, pink, wine and red. When you draw your eyeliner, don't forget to pull up the eye. You'll be able to instantly get your eyes out, but don't forget to match your overall dress and collocation.

No.3 casual makeup
For example, the coloured Eyeliner such as green and blue is suitable for casual, energetic clothes, especially those who love street collocation, so as to prepare several different colors for themselves. In every small holiday, when visiting, these colored eyeliner is a good choice.
No.4 fine makeup
In addition to picking up the eye and tail, it is necessary to raise the effect of raising the corners of the eyes, so silver or white eyeliner is indispensable. These light colors can be used to brighten the corners of the eyes. As long as they are lightly smeared on the part of the head of the eyes, they can make the two eyes closer. They are suitable for relatives with wide pupil distance, and they can make the eyes look bright and attractive!

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