The technique of using eyeliner to line the eye liner


1. light pen light, avoid the draw too heavy, too thick or too thick eyeliner.
2. take "progressive" overlapping color painting method, and slowly painted eyeliner.
3. can be gently covered or powder foundation, let the eye makeup effect lasting, not easy to open halo, and can suppress the eye out of the oil situation.
4. avoid painting eyeliner, this old style of painting, the overall outline of the eye, but too prominent, very natural.
5. do not let the eye liner and the eyelids have a gap between, will make the proportion of the eyes become very strange.
6. try to draw near the root of the eyelashes, to strengthen the eyelashes thick feeling.
7. with eyeliner or eye shadow powder painted in the eye near the head, gently push with your fingers, you can create a nose like effect, so that the nose becomes more three-dimensional sense.
8. eye color is also very important, no danger of anything going wrong color is still dark brown, iron gray and black 3 colors, this is very suitable for Asians; bright colors such as orange, red and gold, should be with the eye makeup to collocation, otherwise the picture is not good, and the color of the pupil less coordination.log on to our official website for more details :