The role of Eyeliner


1, drawing eyeliner is to beautify and highlight the eyes. At the same time, it can also alter the shape of the eyes by dressing the eyeliner. Eye liner can adjust the contour of the eyes and the distance between two eyes. It can enhance the eye's eye and make the eyes black and white.
2, by drawing eyeliner, you can also express the master's temperament, for example, focus on the lower eyelid, that is, the lower eyeliner is thicker than the upper one, and the position of the eyes is lowered, which is naive and lively. If the emphasis of the eyeliner is placed on the top, the eye position will increase and become mature and steady.

1, eyeliner, Eyeline also known as eyelash line, from the upper and lower eyelid edge of the eyelash of the root of the specific aesthetic structure. Eyeliner is not the anatomical and physiological structure of the eye. However, its appearance and morphological changes can adjust eye splitting and eye type, so it has a certain significance in eye aesthetics.
2, the way to draw eyeliner is to use eyeliner and eye liner, so that the eye can be extended to 2-3mm. Different Eyeliner tools and drawing can be selected according to different requirements and collocation.
3, unlike drawing the eyeliner, the eyeliner is after deciding the ideal shape, then dip the needle pen on the special material. The eyebrows can be chosen in a variety of colors depending on the color of their hair. The location of the eyeliner should be accurately selected.