The Progress of Cosmetic Pencils is a Huge Leap


The development from pencil to pen is a big leap forward. With the development of production technology, from the beginning of the eighties pen as a cosmetic pen began to appear, free to penetrate the pen and the new tools to reposition and design a new image to a variety of products to bring more possibilities, Milky eye shadow, eyeliner and concealer can make full use of the fluency of this fluency. Like a pencil as a makeup pen, all kinds of cosmetic pencils are very able to adapt to the liquid pen-type packaging, especially for those eye products or against acne and other point-like products is even more so.

The success of the pen in the cosmetic world, like a pencil, should be attributed to the diversity and flexibility of its application, ease of use, and consumer acceptance of this form. Of course, in the process of product development, there are some obstacles and difficulties, such as product formulations and complex mechanical procedures to integrate is far from easy. To understand these barriers to development, you need to have the fitters and packers to work closely together to ensure that the makeup pen can continue to expand and better serve the consumer.

Liquid eyeliner with mechanical fluency pen. The traditional ink pool design of the eyeliner inkwell-design eyeliners has also undergone great changes, almost all successful design has such a feature, that is, just a pen can be done to complete the perfect makeup lines outlined. Therefore, the development of all these new products is to give consumers greater convenience, so that they can accurately outline the eye lines, and only one action to complete without the need for continuous makeup.

There is also a lot of progress from the hair to the fiber brush to the delicate and delicate elastic resin, and some even have a series of surface treatment technology to beautify the appearance and improve the quality of the line. With these improvements, it is only necessary to deal with the recipe design so that the maximum performance of these cosmetic tips can give the user a satisfactory makeup effect.

Cosmetic pen further development in this area requires cooperation between marketers and suppliers. Just to meet and meet the needs of consumers, the use of the most advanced technology and raw materials to achieve these expectations can bring endless new product development.