The most common mistake of the eye makeup


   Many sisters, whether for themselves or help others make-up, will always make some similar mistakes but do not know. The most headache is that many of these erroneous gestures have slowly evolved into habit, and every time I spend a lot of effort to correct them. So I decided to list these common mistakes one by one, this time from the eye makeup began to talk about it
   Error 1: the direction of the eyeliner
   The most common mistake in eyeliner is to let the end of the eyeliner fall along the curvature of the eyelids. In fact, this will make the whole end of the eye is too sagging, eyesless.
   Correct approach: to the horizontal extension of the end of the eyeliner should be extended to the horizontal direction, effectively improve the angle of the eye, so that eyes look more wizard, more look.
   Error 2: take eye shadow sweep gestures
   On the powder eye shadow, many people used to eye shadow sweep, only the use of a small range of picking color and color, it is easy to make a lot of powder fall, color is difficult to highlight.
   The correct way: let the sweep flat on the eyelids in order to paste the powder more pressure on the skin, more effective color. The
   Error 3: Take the eyelash curler
   Many sisters bent to let the eyelashes get the upright, so when the folder eyelashes, eyelash curler will pull up, and hard to clip, that the more force, the effect of the more durable.
   Correct practice: the eyelash curler attached to the eyelids can be in fact the above practice will make eyelash curler difficult to contact the roots of eyelashes, but can not clip the most beautiful effect, and so hard, it is easy to pinch eyelashes, so that more eyelashes Sparse.
   Error 4: paste false eyelashes gestures
   The same reason, a lot of sisters in order to create exaggerated doll eye effect, paste false eyelashes, are used to eyelashes slightly up, hope eyelashes can be like a fan-like open.
   The correct approach: the false eyelashes in the horizontal direction can be attached to the level of false eyelashes, open eyes have been able to create a natural fan eyelash effect. Deliberately put eyelashes upturned, but will make the eyes become funny unnatural.
   Error 5: sweep the direction of eyebrow cream
   Many sisters that sweep eyebrow cream Well, of course, is the direction of the eyebrows grow up to sweep friends.
   The correct approach: but also the direction of sweeping again In fact, just toward the eyebrow sweep, it is easy to make a piece of eyebrow cream eyebrows eyebrows, eyebrow color is not uniform, but also make eyebrows too sticky is not natural, the opposite direction of brush, will make Eyebrows more natural, eyebrow cream is also easier to even color.