The method of identifying eyeliner:


1, eyeliner is easy to color
This is the evaluation of eyeliner is very important for painting when the liner is the most taboo is broken, so the eyeliner is easy to color, paint is smooth gapless Eyeliner this is the most important criterion for judging good.
2, look at eyeliner is easy to halo dye
It is very important to buy Eyeliner for any easy halo eyeliner can not make makeup maintain too long, and once the dye will face makeup makeup, and even become a terrible giant panda, so the true quality of eyeliner or eyeliner must have strong waterproof coefficient, but also easy to remove.
3. Is it safe or exciting
Whether the material of the eye liner is safe or not exciting should be considered. In the make-up, in fact, many women are afraid of the most often make-up will hurt their skin, but if you choose natural, safe, non irritating Eyeliner products, there will be no such worries.