The makeup technique of using liquid eyeliner should be repeated many times.


There are two kinds of liquid eyeliner, one is glossy film after coating, the other is the kind of rinse which is not glossy after painting, but the color is quite natural. Liquid eyeliner can not master all of its skills only once. It requires us to practice repeatedly.

STEP 1: choose the right Liquid Eyeliner after you draw your eye shadow. Pay special attention to the elasticity of the brush head and the proper amount of eyeliner. After the brush is put on the eyeliner, do not draw it directly to your eyes, but adjust the dosage on the back of your hand first. The correct way is to paint repeatedly with a small amount of eyeliner, which can also reduce errors.
STEP 2: the first point to start is the middle part of the upper eyelid. Gently draw the eyeliner from the middle to the corner of the eye with a brush. This is much easier than painting from the eye to the corner of the eye. Then, draw an eyeliner from the eye, lift the upper eyelid slightly up the left hand, and carefully draw the eye liner.
STEP 3: from the center of the eye to the corner of the eye, after drawing the eyeliner from the eye to the center, it is necessary to draw the middle part of the eyeliner because the liquid eyeliner is difficult to draw a perfect eye liner only once. Then draw the eyeliner on the corner of the eye, in order to make the drawn Eyeliner more natural, you can extend the eye socket's eye liner for about 3 millimeters. Pay attention not to use too much force, and draw gently. The effect is that the width of the corner of the eye is the same as the width of the center of the eye when the eyes are open.
Step 4: draw the corner of the eye again. Lift your eyelids lightly with your left hand and draw the eyeliner between the eyeliner and eyelash. Be careful not to touch the extension line of the eye liner. When you use liquid eyeliner to draw eyeliner, the most important part is the corner of the eye. If the eyeliner is suddenly cut off, it will make people look very unnatural. You can gently rub the fingers with your fingertips, so that the eyeliner naturally rises.

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