The history and change of Eyeliner


In 1950s, Eyeliner was popular with women in Europe and America, but between twentieth Century and 80s, liquid eyeliner was no longer in favor, and Pencil Eyeliner was replaced by 70. By the end of twentieth Century 80s, the pie shaped Eyeliner was on the rise. In 1990s, the revival of the old style rose, and the eyeliner was welcomed again by the fashion world. In 2003, the fast pace of life so that we prefer simple eyeliner, not to mention that in twenty-first Century and 1970s Eyeliner eyeliner in color, composition or appearance are very different. Liquid liner containing oily, long-lasting liquid eyeliner, is an indispensable product of eye cosmetics in 1950s, in recent years again popular with the popular love. In the past some brand components add moderate thickening agent or gelatin, make dry film presentation style eyeliner. Tear off the film like Eyeliner when you remove it. Because of the high content of eye liner, after the makeup can not be covered with eyeliner, so the eye liner reflex is also very high. The liquid eyeliner can be roughly divided into two categories: one for the packaging pen shape and can take use of the pen pipe (or a dip pen type automatic packaging); the other is canned, when using, must take the professional brush dipped into use eyeliner.
Pie eye (CakeEyeLiner) were divided into powder like, water and water form, appearance and manufacturing process cake Eyeliner similar compression eye shadow, but because of pigment and binder containing a relatively high proportion, and the formation of cream. In recent years is to replace the modified new traditional liquid eyeliner, eyeliner is used to outline the products with meticulous brush or bevel pen, perfect outline eyeliner. Makeup artists also like to use dark eye shadow instead of pie shaped eyeliner, on the one hand, can be fixed eyeliner, to prevent halo open: on the other hand, its makeup effect and layering is quite natural.
Eyeliner (EyeLinerPencil) is divided into pencil and automatic pencil type two, used in the eye around, the texture is very soft. A slightly textured eyeliner with a longer finish, with a deep color and a long tail, is often used in theatrical and theatrical make-up. Most of the eyeliner is silty makeup because of similar composition and texture, texture and eyebrow, so some manufacturers will with Eyebrow Pencil Eyeliner (or eyeliner and eye shadow pen) with dual-use, at present this kind of Eyeliner for cosmetic company.