The difference between pencil eyeliner, eyeliner and liquid eye-liner


Pencil eyeliner advantages: novice most easy to use shortcomings: not easy to color, easy to halo.

Eyeliner advantages: relatively easy to start shortcomings: bad unloading, easy to paint into thick eyeliner, for friends who are not double eyelid is not so easy to use.
Liquid eye-liner advantages: convenient and quick shortcomings: beginners are not easy to control.
Pencil eyeliner is more suitable for beginners, it is easier to change, easier to grasp the weight, painted eyeliner is more natural, and then Eyeliner like a pencil, the thickness of the pen, you can adjust.    The disadvantage of eyeliner is that although better, it is easier to get dizzy, and if the eyelids out of oil, it is easy to spend makeup. Even if you buy Waterproof Eyeliner is the same, it is easy to halo. Then liquid eye-liner,it is suitable for those who have mastered the eyeliner, the advantages of eyeliner is not easy to halo dye, but the disadvantage is painted out of the eye liner is relatively blunt. Finally, it is eye-liner, which is as easy and easy to dye as the pen. After all, it has a special eyeliner brush, and then it doesn't get easier to dye than the pen. Painted eyeliner is also natural, more convenient to control.