The difference between lipstick and lip gloss


Whether it's the trendiest T-stage show or the street, you can find lipsticks and lip glosses. Their crystal clear luster has become a beautiful scene in the MM's lip makeup. So what are the specific differences between lipstick and lip gloss? How should they be used correctly? The MMs who still have doubts about lipstick and lip gloss hurry and then look down.

1.The state

Lipstick is solid; lip gloss is liquid.


Lipsticks are brightly colored and colorless and transparent; lip glosses are generally brighter and brighter.


The main function of lipstick is to moisturize the lips and isolate the external skin from irritation. The role of lip gloss is to brighten the skin color of the lips and color the lips, which is similar to the effect of lipstick.

4. Persistence

The lipstick is more viscous and is not easily smudged on the lips. The lip gloss has a long-lasting makeup due to its strong fluidity and requires makeup once every 1-2 hours.