The difference between eyeliner and Eyeliner


Painting eyeliner, whether it is light makeup, heavy makeup or nude makeup, are indispensable processes. For people with small eyes, drawing eyeliner can increase the function of the eyes, and together can improve the embarrassment of the swelling of the eyes. As the old saying goes, if you want to work well, you must first sharpen your tools. Therefore, if you want to draw a good liner, you must first understand the tools you use. Even if it is not known, there is a need for a comparative understanding of eyeliner and eyeliner products sold on the market. Clever use of eyeliner can draw accurate eye liner, while using eye liner to draw eyeliner, it is not easy to dizzy. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. Let's talk about the difference between eyeliner and eyeliner.

1. use difficulty contrast: eye liner and eyeliner fluid comparison, eye liner fluid is more difficult. This is due to the fact that the eyeliner is not easily stained and does not agree with the correction. Therefore, we should use eye liner to draw eyeliner and strike the iron while we need to exercise more skills.
2. comparison of cosmetic effects: using eyeliner to draw eyeliner is more lasting, not darker and darker. Compared with eyeliner, the makeup of eyeliner is not natural enough to blend with eye shadow.
3. comparison of the two controls: hard head eyeliner is difficult to grasp, so it is recommended that color make-up beginners can consider eyeliner and soft head eyeliner.