The difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner


The difference in appearance is as follows:
1, eyebrow pen some will bring eyebrow brush, eyeliner is not.
2, pen on the English word is different.
3, the easiest way to distinguish is to draw a line on the back of the hand, feeling hard lighter color is the eyebrow pencil, the feeling is very soft, darker color is the eyeliner.
From the role of the difference is as follows:
1, eyebrow pencil is modified eyebrows, simply to draw eyebrows.
2, eyeliner is used around the eyes of the modification, the texture is relatively soft, that is simply to draw the upper and lower eyelashes where the eye liner will usually be softer and thinner than the material of the eyebrow pencil, because it is used in the skin of the eyelids very fragile place.
Tips: In fact, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner are used to draw the eyebrows, relatively hard eyebrow pencil, while the eyeliner is relatively soft, but the two are not the same color. If you forget eyebrow pen can also be used to replace the eyeliner. In fact, the usual makeup eyebrow pencil and eyeliner is still a little different from the use, like powder and liquid foundation.
If eyebrow pencil can also draw, but it is easy to dizzy, the effect of painting is not good, some paste. Eyeliner can be used as eyebrow pencil, eyebrow pencil is best not to be used as eyeliner, if you want more natural results, it is recommended that you still use eyeliner.