The correct way to brush eyelashes


The correct method of brushing eyelashes, among various makeup techniques, eye makeup skills are also extremely important, and as the most prominent part of the eye area, the most critical step in eyelashes dominates eye makeup. Newbies or handicapped parties will be very depressed, why don’t you look good at how to brush your eyelashes? A little bit of carelessness, it turns into a fly leg, fragmented...

Why don't you want to rush to the beauty hospital to graft your eyelashes?! In fact, the reason is that you have not mastered the correct method of applying mascara. Master the following correct makeup techniques for brushing mascara to make your eyelashes grow.

STEP 1: Eyelash curling

First of all, the eyelash curler must be curled up, and it must be beautifully curved to look good, so when curling the eyelashes, you must use force at the root of the eyelashes. After fixing the eyelash curler at the root of the eyelashes, gently bend it upwards. Pay attention to the elbow should be lifted up and forcefully, so that the effect will be better, and the closer to the front of the eyelashes, the lighter the force.

STEP 2: Adjust the angle of eyelashes

Use a small eyelash curler to properly adjust the curvature of the eyelashes, especially at the ends of the inner and outer ends of the eye. Don't forget it.

STEP 3: Eyelash styling

Preheat the electric eyelash curler first, and after the eyelashes are clamped, place it on the root and middle of the eyelashes. Just stay for two to three seconds. This will make your eyelashes more curled and more curved lasting.

STEP 4: Upper mascara primer

Just apply a thin layer of mascara primer or eyelash extension liquid that protects the eyelashes. The purpose of this is to minimize the damage of the eyelashes during the makeup process.

STEP 5: Brush the eyelashes

First, look down and expose the roots of the eyelashes as much as possible, then insert the mascara brush into the roots of the eyelashes and hold it for two to three seconds, and then pull to the end of the eyelashes. Make small adjustments until you are satisfied, and brush your eyelashes thicker.

STEP 6: Emphasize the end of the eye

The method is to focus on the eyelashes at the end of the eye before the mascara is dry, and apply it in a radial manner, emphasizing the effect of the eyelashes at the end of the eye to make the eyes look bigger.

STEP 7: Combing eyelashes

This is simple, just use the eyelashes to comb, you can make the eyelashes distinct.

STEP 8: Let's brush the lower eyelashes

You must carefully brush the lower eyelashes. Try to put your hands lightly. The technique is to gently shake and push the mascara brush outwards, and then you will be able to brush out the long and thick lower eyelashes. If you have no experience in brushing eyelashes, you might as well buy a cotton swab or cotton pad to cover the brush, so that you can avoid mistakes.