Teach you to choose a good eyeliner


First, how to choose eyeliner?

1. Compared with eyeliner and eyeliner, the eyeliner pen is soft, natural and easy to correct. It is suitable for beginners.

2. Some eyeliner pens will have a sponge brush head or a brush head. After repeated eyelashes, it is very convenient to achieve a small smoked makeup effect.

3, the refill is soft enough and smooth to make it easier to apply, and does not irritate the eyes.

Second, the easy to use eyeliner test method

1. Holding makeup & blooming degree: Simulate the blinking effect with the opening and closing of the tiger's mouth, and test the eyeliner and the makeup degree after 20 tests (the average value of blinking eyes per minute).

2, color rendering & refill softness: draw a line of eyeliner on a white paper, compare the color of the eyeliner and the degree of makeup, while feeling the softness of the refill.