Teach you how to draw Eyeliner


The first step is to lift your eyelids and start with an eye liner at the end of your eyes. For better grasp of the eye liner, start with the eye end. Lift your upper eyelid with your fingers, so that it is easier to fill the lash of your eyelashes with an eye liner.

The second step, before the corner of the eye to the middle of the picture, and the eye at the end of the link. From the beginning of the corner of the eye, carefully painted eyeliner, must always retain the "filling the root of the eyelashes gap" consciousness. The eye liner was slowly drawn back from the corner of the eye until it was connected to the eye liner at the front of the eye.

The third step with eyeliner in the eyeliner on the cover, so that thickening of the eye liner. Slightly raise the upper eyelid, with eyeliner in just the eyeliner painted, so that Eyeliner will naturally thick. At this point, the eye liner can also be deliberately painted to create a more rounded eye shape.

The fourth step is to completely fill the gap at the root of the eyelashes. Still lift up the eyelids, the mucous membrane and the root of the eyelashes fill the gap completely, this is to create "invisible makeup" of the most important point, must not be ignored.

The fifth step up the eye at the end of the eyelids, will extend the liner, and finally to seriously create eye liner eye liner.Finger up the eye at the end of the eyelids, with eye liner will be extended eye liner, and the root of the eyelashes fill the gap, Eyeliner stretched, can create a retro effect.

The sixth step under the eye liner, you need to lower the eyelid eyelashes root fill.To create a larger eye effect, you can use a white Eyeliner at the lower eyelid mucous membrane to effectively enlarge the white eye range. Then fill the lash root with a dark brown eyeliner.