Teach you how to choose an eyeliner that suits you


Eyeliner is the first eye makeup for beginners. Using eyeliner can make your eyes more attractive. But there are many eyeliner colors, black, brown, wine red, blue, white...it makes people picky. So what color is good for eyeliner? How to choose the color of eyeliner? Let's take a look at the selection method of eyeliner color. How to choose the color of eyeliner?
1. Choose brown for daily eyeliner color. If you want to draw daily eyeliner, it is recommended to choose dark brown or dark coffee eyeliner. The eyeliner drawn in this way is soft and not sharp. Gentle and gentle is very suitable for daily eye makeup, and it is also more versatile.
2. Choose black for delicate eyeliner color. The black eyeliner color is also the color that everyone has always liked. It is a very versatile eyeliner color, basically you can't go wrong! But if you want to be more everyday, you can use black eyeliner color to draw inner eyeliner, brown or other eyeliner color to draw outer eyeliner.
3. Enlarge the eyeliner color and choose white. Many novices use black eyeliner to draw the lower eyeliner when drawing eyeliner, but in fact, the first two thirds of the lower eyeliner are drawn with white eyeliner, which can make the eyes look bigger. This is also a small technique for European and American eye makeup!
4. Choose burgundy as the eyeliner color for autumn and winter. For autumn and winter eye shadow colors, everyone will be more inclined to wine red. At this time, in addition to black eyeliner, dark wine red is also a good choice.
5. Choose a bright color for the contrast eyeliner color. There are many bright colors here, orange and blue. If you want to paint a creative eye makeup, choosing a special eyeliner color is a good choice.

What color eyeliner looks good in daily makeup, generally choose black and brown. This is also the color that most girls choose, and it can also be matched with eye shadow color, suitable for PARTY makeup. In addition, the white eyeliner has a brightening effect. Generally used on the lower eyelids. There are many eyeliner colors, gray and brown are the most natural to use in Asia. People with fair skin are more suitable to use brown, want mature makeup or want to create a heavy makeup effect, black eyeliner is a good choice. One of the most sure way is to choose the eyeliner color according to the hair color. In addition, orange, red, and gold are all suitable eyeliner colors for Orientals, but it should be noted that it matches the color of the overall makeup, such as clothes, eye shadow, etc. However, how to use the bright eyeliner colors that are popular recently, such as purple, green, blue, etc.? The bright colors of the red series like purple, pink, burgundy, etc., are generally used to outline upwards at the end of the eye The radian of the lifting can create seductive eyes. It is generally used when attending parties or banquets, and is used with evening dresses and other clothing.

Cool colors such as green and blue are usually used to match casual and lively clothes. When traveling or taking Street Photos on weekdays, you can add a little bit of cool color at the end of the eye to make it more lively. Silver, white and other light colors are generally used to brighten the corners of the eyes. Daubing them on the head of the eyes can make the eyes more brilliant and have a more intense effect! The colors such as gold, brown and coffee can be used to paint more mature make-up. They are generally suitable for working women, and a little smoke can make them look more temperament. What color does nude makeup use The eye liner is painted with nude make-up. It is white. This year, the white eyeliner is popular. Draw your eyeliner with white eyeliner and your eyes will look bigger. The way to draw Eyeliner: draw Eyeliner first, use eyeliner first, that is not much money, do not belittle it, use eyeliner after using it, then use eye liner.

If it is nude makeup, don't wear the eye tails, just draw it until it is right. There is no need to paint too finely. Pull your eyelids up and draw, don't blink your eyes casually. Of course, it may not be good at first, but because the eyeliner is easier to erase, you can try a few more times. I drew it three or four times. Which is better, liquid eyeliner or eyeliner?
1. Draw eyeliner with liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner drawn by the liquid eyeliner is colorful, and it is not easy to take off the makeup; and when used, the pen is smooth. The more prominent point is that most liquid eyeliner pens are relatively thin, and it is difficult to control the thickness of the eyeliner repeatedly. If you have to use liquid eyeliner, make-up beginners are suitable for hard-headed liquid eyeliner pen because it is easier to master. One thing that needs to be reminded is that the liquid eyeliner pen cannot draw a smoky effect, nor can it make a sense of smudge. Therefore, liquid eyeliner pen is suitable for people with average makeup level.
2. Draw eyeliner with eyeliner. Use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, which looks like a pencil. You can use a pencil sharpener or a knife to cut off the excess wood. Compared with liquid eyeliner pens, eyeliner pens are easy to color, easy to control and smudge. Generally speaking, makeup beginners are suitable to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, because the refill of eyeliner is relatively soft and will not damage fragile skin easily. Wait for the makeup skills to improve.