Standard drawing method of eyeliner, a skill worth learning


Eye makeup is the focus of makeup for beauties. In eye makeup, the drawing method of eyeliner is extremely important, so what is the standard drawing method of eyeliner? How to draw eyeliner? Based on experience, I have compiled some methods for everyone, and teach you step by step how to draw eyeliner. If you want to learn, come and try it!

First of all, the eyeliner is drawn in real time on the folds of the human eyelids, which is the root of the eyelashes. Therefore, when drawing eyeliner, it is always emphasized that you should draw the eyeliner close to the root of the eyelashes, and draw the line along the root of the eyelashes until the end of the eye. When drawing, it will definitely feel very difficult at first, because it is not easy to draw smooth lines on the folds of the skin, which requires you to practice more and choose the eyeliner tool that suits you.

In the process of drawing eyeliner, the inner eyeliner should be light, the line should be fine, the color should be light, and the outer eyeliner should be thickened appropriately to extend the line at the end of the eye. The upper eyeliner seems to be finished like this, but in fact it hasn't. You still need to adjust and modify later to achieve the desired effect. When drawing the eyeliner, generally start from the center of the eye and make a natural transition at the end of the eye without forming a frame. The standard drawing method of eyeliner, in simple terms, is like this. It is normal to encounter some problems in the actual operation, so you need to be patient.

The purpose of drawing eyeliner is to make the eyes look more beautiful. This effect is actually achieved according to the thickness of the eyeliner line. Therefore, to understand the standard drawing method of eyeliner, you also need to master some knowledge about the line. For example, the upper eyeliner should be thick and heavy, and not too long, it will give people a mature and stable image and give people a sense of trust. Different eyeliner drawing methods will create a different visual sense. If you want, you can learn more through the following content!

1. The difference between eyeliner and eyeliner: The difference between eyeliner and eyeliner, from a large perspective, includes some aspects such as shape, performance, price, use method and so on.

2. How to draw eyeliner is the easiest: How to draw eyeliner is the easiest. First of all, this parallel eyeliner is introduced. Its effect not only makes the eyes look more attractive, but also very low-key. It can even be done in one stroke, which is very suitable for leisure time. Oh, when it comes to techniques, it’s actually very simple.