Smoked makeup of the painting


    Step 1: first part of the eyebrows. First with eyebrow pencil outline of the outline of the eyebrows, and then easy to brush the eyebrow brush color.
    Step 2: the choice of black eyeliner, along the roots of eyelashes painted, eye at the end of the triangle area to increase color. After painting and then use the cotton swab to open the eyeliner halo, to create a natural sense of smoke.
   Step 3: dipped in the appropriate amount of sea blue pearl eye shadow, evenly applied in the entire eye socket, under the eye shadow with eye shadow brush blooming. In order to eye makeup more natural, with eyeliner eyeliner once again painted about.
    Step 4: smoky eye makeup is the highlight of the deep eye effect. Selection of black eye shadow in the fold fold part of the focus of blooming, to create a grand eyeliner effect. Eye triangular area and the lower eyelid is also the same blooming.
   Step 5: Apply evenly with the pulp, so that black eye shadow can be a natural transition. And then mascara brush up and down the eyelashes, to create curly thick eyelashes, and to enlarge your eyes.
  Step 6: Apply the right amount of white pearlescent eye shadow at the corner of the eye to make the whole look more moving.
  Step 7: The next is the lips. First for the lips backing, remove their lip color, so that later more easy to color. And then painted in the lips inside the bright peach lip gloss.
  Step 8: use the pulp to the lip gloss from the inside out to create a gradient effect. And then apply a transparent polish lipstick superimposed. The tempting gradient lips is finished.