Single eyelids how to draw makeup


    That single-eyelid does not look good, in recent years, single-eyed small eyes more and more popular women. Monocular not look good you just do not really draw a good eye makeup only. Today to share a single eye makeup eye makeup, according to this painting eye makeup, your eyes are the most charming.
Method :
With light pink matt eye shadow in the upper eyelid blooming.
Up and down the eye with orange red eye shadow blooming, eye shadow in the eye when the halo must be in accordance with the curvature of football, so draw the eyes will be larger and more three-dimensional.
Upper half of the upper eyelid and 2/3 of the lower eyelid with light pink pearl eye shadow to brighten.
With a brown eyeliner along the roots of eyelashes to draw a liner, eye tail elongated.
Cut a 1/3 eyelid length of the false eyelashes, and then painted on the false eyelashes glue, then the false eyelashes attached to the eye tail.
With your fingers pulp stained orange lipstick gently wiped in the cheeks, and then use the pulp will be lipstick natural blooming open.