Single eyelid how to draw eyeliner


Eyeliner compared to the eyeliner, it is still difficult to operate, inexperienced mm easy to paste paste, but also painted not look good, the lines are not smooth, especially for single eyelid girls, eye liner liquid painting is not good, the eye Looked not energetic, so, how the eyelid girl with eyeliner it? Here, let's learn together!
Single Eyelid Because the eyelids are not level, the eyes are small, so you need to use a very fine eyeliner to draw, because the level is not well controlled, so you can use the eyeliner to outline the outline to be drawn.
Point the good points with thin lines connected to start light.
Then lightly, draw smooth lines.
Fill the gap between the liner and eyelashes completely.
Next, the blooming step is started.
Use a very thin eye liner halo open eye tail.
Then use eye shadow brush dipped in nude color eye shadow halo open.
Use nude color from the eyes to the eye end of the blooming.
Dipped in light-colored eye shadow to add eye shadow under the eyesight.
Finally, dark eye shadow halo open eye shadow on it.