Single eyelid how to draw eyeliner


Single eyelid mainly emphasizes thick eyeliner, and slightly increased at the end of the eye in order to increase the eyes, to enhance the effect of light, while the lower eyeliner as slender, natural, coupled with curling thick eyelashes, even the single eyelid can also become Electric eye.
First of all, with a deeper than the color of the foundation will be out of the outline of the orbital, to be a primer work.
Use the eyeliner, from the inner corner of the eye, thinly painted black eyeliner to the outside, draw from the inside corner of the eye to light, try to make the line width consistent.
Then, from the actual eye end position to the central portrayal, as far as possible along the roots of eyelashes drew toward the eye, do not need to deliberately beyond the end of the eye, and the central eye liner is the key to the smooth connection, slightly increased eye end. You can use another pulp to raise your eye socket a little, open your eyelid to draw a more smooth line segment.
Under the liner with dark brown eyeliner painted from the inside out, more slender nature, you can brush the eyelashes, the effect is better.