Single eyelid how to become double eyelid?


1.Double eyelid stickers
Eyelid stickers can be said to be the most practical, and now after upgrading and improvement, already can be very natural, such as this complexion mesh, basically can not see after the makeup, the disadvantage is often tearing, will lead to Eyelids loose.
2. Double eyelid stereotypes cream
Usage similar to double eyelid glue, direct use of stereotyped cream on the eyelid to draw a line, with the support rod to adjust the lower eyelid, double eyelid came out, than the double eyelid paste will be more natural, the disadvantage is that sensitive muscle sister paper may be easy Eyelid allergy
3. Double eyelid muscle exercise
This method is to use cotton to hold out double eyelids, with rubber bands tied at both ends of the cotton, hanging on the ear fixed, adhere to 10 minutes a day, slowly double eyelid will become obvious, the disadvantage is that insisted it hard, I feel ears will be uncomfortable is real.
4. Double eyelid eye mask
The practice is to use this double eyelid before going to bed with stereotypes Mask coated on the eyelids, support rods stick out double eyelid stereotypes, the United States and the United States to sleep, the next day tear up the mask, naturally double eyelids came out ~ The disadvantage is the eye Film if the quality is not good, will affect the eyelid health.